You can’t always get what you want…

by projectstowaway

At the start of this Summer, I quit my job and announced my intention to put my energy into my own creative enterprise, Project Stowaway. I had a great deal of inspiration, support and goodwill but no guaranteed income and a London mortgage to pay. Many of my nearest and dearest thought I had gone mad. A rather scary diagnosis soon afterwards showed that I had a little. Four months later, after a difficult climb out of an incredibly dark hole, things look very different. If, instead of being conscious all this time, I had been asleep and dreaming a la Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I would have awoken to find myself ‘home again’ and back in Devon, where I haven’t spent more than a few weeks at a time since I left exactly half my life ago. The lady with the red shoes was right, there really is no place like it. In life there are sometimes decisions that you know deep in your heart you want to and really should make, but that your head and ego stop you from acting on. In my case the Universe seems to have colluded with my subconscious to make some of these decisions for me. The process was scary, but the relief I now feel is palpable.

It seems that I have been concealing a stowaway for some time; my need and desire to be true to myself, to change the direction of the sails and then to sit in a place where there is no wind, just being still for a while. My most pressing project right now is my own health and wellbeing. Instead of trying to build an empire I will be using this site to indulge myself, sharing thoughts and stories and some of the things that make me happy, here beside the sea.